Selling at Auction

Real Estate

Why sell your real estate at auction?  It’s a great question and one that we get all of the time!  We understand that most people do not have the need to sell real estate very often.  We also recognize the fact that the auction method isn’t as familiar to most people as a traditional listing.   When you find yourself in need of an auction company, we can promise you that we will treat you like a partner and a friend.  We will show you the many benefits of selling your property at auction, and create an aggressive marketing plan that is suited to YOUR needs.

  • You set the terms of your auction.  You set the date of you auction event, the date of closing and even the date of any open houses.  Your auction can produce a guaranteed sale within 30 days with no contingencies or negotiation.  Buyers must prequalify and pay a non-refundable deposit ensuring that they will close on your property without delay.

  • A properly marketed auction will produce fair market value.  Your property will be marketed heavily with large signage, newspaper, radio and aggressive online advertising that a traditional real estate listing cannot compare to.  We ensure your property is at the center of the real estate market, and getting your property sold to the highest and best bidder is our #1 priority.

  • Not setting a price for your property ensures that all buyers are on a level playing field and will have to compete for your property.  A property that is priced to low may sell quickly but can cost the seller thousands of dollars in a potentially higher selling price.  A property that is priced to high can sit on the market causing the seller to incur costly real estate holding costs and often stigmatizing the property by being left on the market far too long.

  • An auction is fully customizable, meaning that it can work for any seller or any property.  Whether the property is part of an estate situation, has a mortgage or is in need of repairs and auction can be suited to fit your needs.  Our network of thousands of buyers along with proper marketing will ensure that we find the correct buyer for you! 


Personal Property

Interstate Auction & Realty has a large team of experienced auctioneers with knowledge in all types of personal property.  We specialize in complete estates, collections of antiques, jewelry and coins.  We can help you manage the process of liquidating your assets from start to finish. 

  • Your auction can be completely customized to go along with real estate being sold or as its own event.  Your auction can be live or online, or a combination of live and online bidding.  The items can be sold on site or moved to our facility.

  • With over 40 years’ experience in the auction business we have a large network of buyers for all assets.   We have produced top results in many different categories of personal property including antiques furniture, glassware, jewelry, gold, silver, automobiles, boats and ATV’s.

  • Important Note:  Make Interstate Auction & Realty your first call!  We will meet with you for free to assess your situation and give you options that will produce the best results for you.  If you attempt have a yard sale or estate sale first, there is a large risk that you can sell your valuable items for far less than they are worth.  A knowledgeable member of our team will give you the best advice possible on how to handle your assets from start to finish.