Buying at Auction

Interstate Auction & Realty has been conducting auctions continuously for over 40 years.  We strive to make the auction buying process as easy and friendly as possible for all of our buyers.

Buying Online

  • Participating in an online auction is exciting and often results in super deals!  We host live/online combination (simulcast) and online only events.  For both of these you will need to create a bidder account and register for the auction.  You can do this by clicking the link at the top of the website “LOGIN/NEW BIDDER”.  You will input your email address, phone number, mailing address and credit card information.  Your credit card will be validated by a secure third party processor to ensure that it is a valid card by placing a hold of $1 on your account similar to a gas station, the $1 charge will disappear within 24 hours.  It’s important to note that this isn’t a charge, it is only a validation.  There is NO COST to bid at our auctions unless you are the winner of an item,
  • After your registration, you will need to accept the terms and conditions of the auction.  It is important that you read the terms as all bidders are bound by the terms of the auction.  After you have completed your registration you may begin placing bids. 
  • Shipping/Pickup:  It is important to note that all items in our furniture auctions are pickup only, and items should be picked up in the specified time frame of that auction.  Items in our jewelry and coin auctions are shipped fully insured USPS Priority within 2-4 days of the auction ending.  The buyer is responsible for actual shipping costs.

Buying Live

  • If you choose to come to the live auction, you are in store for a fun and exciting experience. You will need to bring a state issued ID and register for a buyer’s number.  It is recommended that you arrive a few minutes early to ensure you have enough time to get registered and inspect the items that you have an interest in bidding on.
  • Once the auction begins you will notice that we have a fairly large group of staff who are very familiar with auctions and are happy to help you with any questions you may have.  Generally, first time buyers get the hang of exactly how to participate after watching 2 or 3 items sell.
  • You can take your items with you on auction day or come back through the week during regular business hours for pickup.  Most buyer’s pickup items in the new furniture auctions on Monday or Tuesday following the auction.

Our goal is to make your buying experience as good as it can possibly be.  We want you to love buying at auction as much as we love selling at auction!